Figment, widely known as dream. I’m sure we all have wondered at some points of our lives about dreams . Yes, I’m talking about the dreams we have while sleeping. Sometimes, it’s a sweating nightmare that dries our throats and makes us traumatized and scared even after waking up. Again, there are times when we dream of sweet dreams that lingers in our mind for a long time and brightens our day. However, some of them might be completely irrelevant to our thoughts and actions.

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Why do we DREAM ?

Many of us already might have the idea that scientists are still trying to find the actual causes and reasons as to why we dream, but there are already 2 theories about dreams. One is The Physiological Theory and the other is The Psychological Theory .

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“In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.”

-Albus Dumbledoren (Harry Potter)

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