The Act of Dreaming

Dreamy dreams?

Are all dreams really dreamy?

Not all dreams end up being the dreamy dreams we dream of. Willingly or not, we dream. I’m not sure if I should call that a blessing or a curse. Personally, I always dream kind of scary dreams. But sometimes, I dream of stuffs completely irrelevant to my life.(Mostly when I oversleep) Even I dream of dreams in series. But I think I would prefer to have nightmares rather than not dreaming at all.


Whenever exam is around the corner, or I’m going through a hard time in my personal or familial life, I often end up having nightmares about those.

Sweet Dreams

Dreams that make us refuse to wake up and face the real world can be termed as sweet dreams I guess. Be it dreaming about your favorite person or flying across the dreamland, it’s always a treat. But unfortunately, I rarely dream of such sweet dreams.

Irrelevant Dreams!

To be honest, I despise such sort of irrelevant, vague, meaningless dreams and end up killing several hours analyzing those.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

-Marsha Norman

Let’s share about our dreams!

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