About Me

Zaima Tasnim Raina

Hello! I’m a student, living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. When I’m not studying for exams, you can find me painting, reading books or even dreaming!

There’s a reason behind choosing to write about dreams in specific. I’m not a perfectionist but I try to be one. During my 12th grade, I was trying my best to study to catch the bus that’ll take me to the destination I have always dreamt of. But my nights were instead filled with nightmares. Fear, anxiety were getting the best of me. But researching about dreams, putting some of my dreams in words here, in the middle of my study sessions seemed to calm me down. Also with a slight hope of finding people, who are in the same condition like me, and with a view to hearing their stories of both real life and sleep time dream, I had started writing this blog .

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