Personal Experience

To feel more comfortable while sharing about our dreams with you, we planned to go anonymous! But if there’s something you want to know about more, feel free to get in touch with us. So let’s get started!


Our Stories

It was the sophomore of my high school. I was in a dilemma about my future, like most other kids of my age. Besides that family issues, parental pressure were getting the best of me. I guess I should term it as a nightmare. Almost every night for over a month, I was having the same nightmare. It wasn’t that scary in context of how horror nightmares should be. I remember myself riding a bus along with many other people within a forest. Maybe I was going to attend an exam or something like that. Suddenly the bus driver pulled up and told us that there’s some kind of traffic in this route and so he was going to change his route. For some reasons, my gut feeling was against of it but I didn’t oppose. After a while, people were slowly getting down because they were at their respective destinations. But I was still far away from mine. It started to getting dark and an uncaring cold breeze began to blow. I clearly remember that after I approached the driver to ask how far I was, he replied me that he was sorry and we were stuck in a maze. But he assured me that he would get us out of there the next morning. But I knew it was already too late for me. Neither I was at fault nor there was someone to blame on. I don’t know if that driver resembled of someone I know of. And the next thing I remember is me, breathing heavily on my bed at maybe 4 in the morning.

“When you stay too long in a place, you forget just how big an expanse the world is.”

Matt Haig

My online exam was finally over and the rainy weather made everything almost heavenly. I was in a mood to paint something to drive away the emptiness from inside of me. Often, my thoughts get reflected in my paintings. But I can’t focus on painting without finding the perfect song that matches my vibe. Maybe because of Covid-19 lockdown, I wasn’t at my healthiest mental state. No matter how hard I was trying, I wasn’t bring able to do well. Be it academics, relationships or whatsoever. On the top of that was I was in my bad phase of nightmares. I was kind of scared to sleep because I would end up waking up after a realistic nightmare and have no clue what to do the next day. Still I managed to get past through that phase, maybe thanks to my nightmares that made me have a taste of the upcoming bitter life!

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